Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not an ex-blog!

Yep, the blog is still here, along with me. I have several comments that folks have left - my apologies for not posting them - but I have not followed up on, mostly regarding Kasteel Noz. I have seen the website Mr. Noz has up, and when I get some spare time I'll definitely be contacting him to see what he'd like to share about his castle. Thanks to everyone for leaving the comments! On my end, that aforementioned transfer to NY has consumed most all of my spare time, I essentially only get 3 days at home - the rest are on the road where I can't spare much time to be looking for castle-related goodies on the interwebs and the 3 days off I have are spent playing catchup at home.

I know; excuses, excuses...

On the bright side, we have located a property in NY towards the mountainous side of Hudson River Valley that would suit our needs just dandily to build on. The acreage is right, it has a small running stream and is slightly sloping. Can you say millpond? I figure a little water wheel on a millhouse might generate enough electricity for a few lights, if nothing else it should be pretty to see and listen to. At any rate, we've started the ball rolling on the official process, so we'll see how it goes. Pretty exciting actually, a serious step towards a castle!