Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Still working on a design

Yet another modified version of the design I've been trying to bring to life. I've done my best to try to balance things out a bit, but there are some consistency issues to work out. One if the features is starting to irritate me slightly, the port cochere; the building front looks really large with it, but it takes a big chunk out of the ground floor space. It makes it a little difficult to get the best use out of the area provided, but of course the second floor over everything is very usable.

As in the previous model, the building at the back corner is for use as a mother-in-law, possibly as a small B&B area later, and perhaps as an apartment for us as we age and rent the main house out.

The greenhouse is attached to the kitchen, hopefully it can be utilized as a sun room and the heat generated from it can be used to warm the house in the spring and fall - along with some nice evacuated tube solar heating in the winter.

Anyway, the main work at this point is door and window placement, figuring out how to arrange rooms and cleaning the model up. Then to find an architect and hope he/she doesn't wind up "ROFL" and telling me to try something that won't cost $2M. (The building isn't that large! 2,200 s.f.!)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NPR site featuring a few American Castles

Found this when looking for more castles online. They did interviews with a couple of modern castle builders, specifically Roznik's Castle and Bull Run Castle, and have a clickable map made up with a few castles in it.

Some slightly discouraging information though, I did find out that the stonework on Roznik's Castle was $600,000. Hmm. Half-timber and shingle styles are looking a lot more attractive!

Another castle for sale

Not modern (in the sense of this site), but interesting nonetheless. Lyon's Castle in California is for sale.

A good castle story

This isn't by any means a modern castle, but I thought it was good to see that a castle that was going to ruin got some attention. Kimball Castle is in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee, and according to some of the comments on Youtube, has been purchased by a motorcycle shop and is being worked on.