Sunday, August 15, 2010

Adirondack Castle Resurrected? (Leary Castle)

Back in February I posted a castle in the Adirondacks that a reader had found for sale.  Just recently another reader stopped by and commented that she'd found a blog featuring the very same castle!  It looks to have been purchased after the original owner-builder's death by the family that is working on it now.  Pretty cool! 

Looks like the castle is called the "Leary Castle".  I'll send them a hello message and see if they want to share any info about their project.

Thanks, Fionnait!

(Image from the Leary Castle Blog.)

Coronado Stone Products

SYWBC reader Derrick pointed out a castle that used Coronado Stone.  It's pretty neat and looks to be huge, but not owner built as far as I can tell.  You can see the castle at the Coronado Stone site by clicking Enter Site > Gallery (left hand side) > Residential (from the drop down menu)  and then using the slider at the bottom and going just about half-way across with it, the titles are alphabetical and it's under "Country Castle". 

The part I'm more interested in is the large variety of products offered by Coronado Stone.  I'm sure they're quite expensive, but may be useful for a future castle builder?  Soem of it looks great, and they even offer cast frames for arches and doorways that look like stone.  Anyway, they're added to the tags of products for castle builders.

Thanks, Derrick!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


My apologies to folks that have submitted comments over the last weeks, I'm sure you've checked to see if they've popped up yet and may have wondered why they haven't.  Well, the reason is that we have a new addition to our family, born 24 July, so the time I spent fooling around on the 'puter looking for and designing castles has now been usurped by diapers, laundry, dishes, no sleep and trying to figure out what a screaming baby wants (which is usually food).  So, until our little one settles into a routine that allows us a few minutes of free time, I'm afraid this blog will suffer.  I'll get to comments ASAP, I promise! 

Ah, time to change another diaper....