Sunday, September 30, 2012

View over the Hudson Valley area

The build site isn't too far from here. It would be great if we had this view!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Upcoming move

With the long-ago mentioned displacement from the place where I worked and lived the option arose to move closer to where I work. We took the opportunity. The good part is that the new location is also only 15 minutes from the future site. We've got to hurry up and get our stuff together and all the projects around our current 100+ year old house done and ensure the place is up to code before we can put it on the market. Especially so we don't bleed our finances dry keeping two houses. Always, there are projects that need doing that my limited time off isn't adequate to get involved in myself, which means hiring someone else to do it at great expense. Either you have time, or money. Never both. Hopefully within the next six months or so there will be some news about progress on the property, even if it's just the beginning of clearing the site a little. Something else we've been discussing that will be a long-term benefit is planting trees on the property for eventual harvest. Black Walnut may be our choice if we can get a suitable variety to mix in with many of the current trees over a few acres. A couple hundred of them harvested in 20-25 years could net a six figure windfall that would be a nice boost to a retirement income or pay off our little one's college with room to spare. Wouldn't that be nice! Also on the table is a cut-your-own Christmas tree farm. A bit more labor intensive on our part, but in many drives around the area we have yet to see one. Maybe we'll be the first to put one up in the area. More research is needed on the Christmas tree idea, though. There may be a reason why there isn't one, it's a wooded area so maybe cutting one from state forests is a popular past time rather than buying a tree. We'll see.