Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Castle in Little Rice, WI

This looks to be a truly owner-built castle in Wisconsin. Not a whole lot of information about it other than what is in the article. Have to wait and see if more pops up on the web.

Woodstock, Connecticut Castle

This castle is being built in Woodstock, Connecticut. It appears from what I've been able to dig up that the owner is a bit eccentric (aren't all castle builders to some extent?), and the article seems to confirm that. The castle is quite fanciful, and has features that are more romantic in style rather than defensive in construction. From what I gather the owner is doing none of the work, it's all contracted. Interesting enough to share, I figure - so here you go.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A quick link review

Checking for dead links on the castles has netted a few changes, and a lot of "no changes at all". Amongst the "wish castles" section, Tower Castle is gone. As far as the rest go, there have been absolutely no construction or other changes updated on the sites except for USA Castle's, who apparently has purchased land and done some preliminary planning to the tune of over $1.3M USD (ouch!). I'll move them from the wish castle to the owner built section once they get a slab poured.

On the owner built castle link section, it appears that Mr. Busboom's shop is going out of business, but the castle still available for events. The Pittsburgh area castle has an updated site with lots of construction photos and more - click on the "castle info" link. Lacey Michele's Castle, New American Castle, and Wing's Castle have a couple of new photos. Here's a site that has some more pictures of Castle Gwynn.

That's pretty much all the changes. I'm honestly not sure what to do with some of the wish castles, I'd hoped that there would be some progress amongst a few of them - plans, designs, hopes, locations, what have you; but the sites are for all intents and purposes, dead. Some haven't been touched in years.

Oh well, I've been running this site for years and haven't anything to show for myself except ideas, ramblings and digital doodles of my castle ideas. Pot calling the kettle black, eh?

A little more information on Roznik's Castle

Mr. Roznik has very graciously shared some additional photos of his castle. The online picture simply didn't do it justice, it is a considerably more massive structure than the front picture would let on. I count at least five turrets and four floors in height, not to mention the balconies on the turrets themselves. He's also taken the time to have an ashlar stone facade put on, which when considering the surface area it covers, is very impressive. At any rate, here are the pictures for your enjoyment. Many thanks to Mr. Roznik for sharing.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

...and another! (On a roll today!)

This one shifts more in style towards what would be a gatehouse to a properly massive castle. I'm finding I appreciate the "cottage-y" look more and more, it just looks friendlier than a massive stone edifice. This model is pretty basic, and will need a lot of work to bring out the features - I'll be doing updates to it which will automatically update the model in this post. This model I'm liking quite a bit, it ought to be right around 2,000 sf. in total. As always, comments and suggestions welcome.

Incidentally, if you like the gatehouse style too, I found this Flickr group featuring scads of pictures containing really neat old buildings. Should be good for some inspiriation.

Model updated 9/12.

Another design

Here's a design that I put together in a couple of days; it's a bit of a mashup featuring English, German and Scottish styles. Just throwing ideas out there. Available on 3D warehouse for download.