Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Newman's castle

Newman's Castle in Texas.

I have very little information about this castle other than it is in Texas. I found this slideshow on one of my searches, but I haven't dug any deeper to see if the castle has a website. The castle looks like it is completely built of CMU, and could be owner-built. Will post more info if I can find it.

EDIT: I've exhaustively searched the web for more information, and there's nothing out there other than the bakery associated with the owner. While I'd like to find out more about his castle, I'm not willing to be a castle-owner stalker and call his bakery and try to get in touch with him. As with Noz's castle, I'll just have to wait until they go public.

Update:  You can visit Newman's Castle by seeing a show called "Murder By Chocolate", a dinner theater. Thanks to SYWBC reader Michelle for pointing this out.


  1. Here's some more info on Newman's Castle. I found it on Castles of the United States. I have the web address below.


  2. Thanks for the link, Gary! That's more info than I had. I'm still going to try to contact the castle owner and see if he can provide any additional info that may interest folks here.

    I tend avoid cross posting to DuPont's site in order to maintain this site as an independent source of information, different ideas and information; in other words, I guess I could just get my info from his site, but I don't want to "copycat" or "leech" from the work he's done, and IMO it would detract from this site FWIW.

  3. Here's another link for pictures from Newman's Castle:
    The castle is Mike Newman's home which he opens occasionally for a senior group tour. I had the privilege of going there recently to see the very interesting work that he has done - most of it without help. Wonderful wood work including furniture & light fixtures inside. He is a very gracious host at both his bakery in Bellville, TX. and his home.

  4. Hi, thanks for stopping by and sharing the link and information, Jean!

    Those are some nice pictures of the castle, and it looks like a lot of fun was had they day they were taken. What a great thing to build something like that and be able to share it with friends and family.

  5. Newmans castle will have a website up soon.
    the link will be

  6. Thanks for the update Tony!

  7. Here's more information about the castle I found while searching for something interesting and different to for my husband's birthday. Look at this web page and its site and you find out that Mr. Newman has now joined with the Murder by Chocolate dinner theatre group. How fun is that?!

  8. Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing the update to Newman's Castle, Michelle!