Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kasteel Noz Castle

Kasteel Noz is located in Snelling, California.

I know nothing more than what is in this article, and there are several articles on the web featuring this picture and information, but it's great to find another owner-built castle being built. I'll add this to the "need to contact" list of castle builders.

EDIT: I've searched like crazy, even using Google Maps satellite view to try to get more information on this castle. No luck. I'll wait until he makes his information public.

EDIT 05/09: I have received some anonymous comments regarding Kasteel Noz here on the blog, though I am unwilling to post them in their entirety because they possibly contain a legitimate phone number and email information for Mr. Noz and I don't think I have the authority or permission to post someone else's personal data here. What I can do is post a link to the new Kasteel Noz website and allow readers to get contact information there directly from the source. Also, thanks to some other comments that pointed out the Kasteel Noz site, I have sent an email to Mr. Noz in the hopes of getting an interview with him regarding his castle. If that request bears fruit, it will appear on the front page and a line will be placed here to it.


  1. I know the people who own this castle. they have been working on it for over twenty years. the husband is from scandinavia and is building it in the style of castle that he grew up with.

  2. Did I also forget to mention that he is building the entire thing by hand?

  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Yes, I gathered some of that from the article. It's quite a fantastic accomplishment, and I wish them all success in completing it. Hopefully at some point Mr. Noz may elect to put some contact info on the web and some better pictures, an "interview" would be great.

  4. Hi. You can see a bunch of photos of Kasteel Noz at

    email is or

  5. The owner (Mr. Noz, raised in Holland, not Scandinavia) has made a website about his castle. Here is the link: