Monday, May 6, 2013

A 3-view set of renders from another idea I had. This incorporates everything I could wish to have in a relatively normal kind of building style. Even so, this might require some lottery winnings to complete. The house itself is likely doable, as well as the garage. The extra out buildings however, may be a stretch. One is a mother-in-law, the other is a small work studio. Not even shown is the gate house from this castle I designed a while back that I would incorporate into the long driveway from the main public road. All told, easily approaching or possibly exceeding a million dollars. So far out of our ballpark it's not even funny. But you never know. Maybe I'll be able to slowly build some or all of the extras myself, that would slash the price to whatever the materials are and that would cut the price of those projects by more than half. The price in personal time is another story. Anyway, enjoy the Sketchup work and Thea Renders.

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