Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lacey Michele's Castle

Lacey Michele's Castle is located in west Arkansas.

This castle has a sad story behind it. To sum up a bit: The builder happened to find out that he'd had a daughter with a previous girlfriend, and the girlfriend hadn't mentioned it to him. After finding out, he struck up a good relationship with the child, and promised to build her a castle someday. Tragically, the little girl died due to complications of the flu and the medication she was on. The builder went ahead and built the castle in her memory. The full story here:

Constructed of stone and cement, along with whatever found/purchased items could be added such as metal roofing, found garden gates, and vinyl windows. Some of the site photos seem to indicate that it is still partially under construction. What an incredible amount of work, and the result is very impressive.

The castle has a section that you can rent for $110/night, and is located in a rural area suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities, from hunting to hiking.


  1. Pretty crazy. You would think that metal roofing would be the last thing to make a castle out of, but it looks like it worked for him.

  2. Hi Nathan L., Thanks for stopping by. Metal roofing is good stuff: Fire resistant, long lasting and if colored metal, can give the appearance of an expensive copper roof with that green patina.

    I notice you posted a specific site plugging a particular business and you are a roofing salesman. Is there anything you wish to offer potential builders that could be posted here other than a semi-random post?