Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The rest of it:

Probably won't do much more to this, the fleshing out of the details is very time consuming and I have a lot of designs I'm throwing onto the screen. You can see the gatehouse which has a total of around 900sq.' of living space (includes the area below the loft-like peaked roof), the building to the right of the gate is sort of a standard manor-liked house. Less than 1800sq.' of space for that one. The main large building has 3 floors @ 6500sq.' of space total, not including the tower top. The "pub" attached to the tower base is only an addition of 800sq.' to the base of the tower, and the chapel around 1000sq.'. As you can see, not a massive structure by any means; pretty modest for a full B&B with 10 rooms and space for events seating groups of people. This model I placed on the Sketchup 3d warehouse and is available for download. All I ask is that if any model or texture is used is that it may not be used for commercial purposes and credit is given to me and a link is provided to this site and article.

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