Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Castle Rogue's Manor

Touted as "America's newest castle", Castle Rogue's Manor is the creation of Smith Treuer. After finding this site and looking at the pictures, this castle reminds me more of a Victorian mansion than a castle. Still, it's a very impressive building. The amount of woodwork in the place looks like it cost a fortune, absolutely incredible. The interior has some of the feel of the great western lodges or hotels, similar to Yellowstone's old hotel; stone and wood. There's a news article here that has a little more information on the builder and how the castle came to be.


  1. Having toured Castle Rogue's Manor (which is the correct name) I find the words of someone who is only viewing a few pictures to be very much off base. Having visited other Old World Style Castles in Europe, this fits right in line which that style.
    So first I would correct the name and then visit to see what is really there.

  2. Having nothing other than the pictures to go by and not having the means to visit European castles at will (or even Rougue's, for that matter), my post is based on what the pictures show; no more no less, off base or not. The styling is apparently synonymous with Victorian mansions.

    Name Corrected, post stays the same otherwise, visitation added to the list of things to do "Someday".