Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Yet another model

This one was loosely based on a few pictures of some Eastern European castles I've seen and/or visited. As with the previous design, there's a gatehouse and the main building. This structure is considerably larger: 10,000+ sq.' of space in the main building. This one doesn't have all of the outlying extra buildings like the previous model, so all of the functions would have to be accommodated inside. Towards the rear of the building would be a formal garden, the front would be event space. Below in the cellar area would be a pub/wine cellar as well as a "dungeon" divvied up into theme rooms for B&B guests. One of the drawbacks with Sketchup is that borders of other objects inside an object can be seen through the object if the border comes too close to the plane, so in this model you can see the edges of staircases, the level of floors, etc... poking through walls. Oh well, can't complain abut a free program. Wonder if this happens in the Pro version? Also, the basement is below grade, but Sketchup placed shadows where the ground plane would be. This hides the stairs and other below grade areas beneath opaque shadows. Solution: Raise model entirely above grade and place your own ground plane in the scene. Kind of a pain and adds another piece of geometry to the scene. Just how it goes.

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